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The step-by-step plan to find high-value clients

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read

I’ve been talking a lot over the past year about one of the biggest contributors to the painful income gap most creatives experience: relying on selling low-cost products via a LOT of marketing, especially social media.

There isn't anything inherently wrong with that approach, if you love producing content for Instagram and marketing 24/7.

But if you don’t? The best way out of that crunch is to design a high-ticket offer that you can sell to just a few clients.

The number one thing I hear when I say this?

Who the hell would pay me that kind of money?
Where are they? How do I find them?”

These questions were vivid for portrait painter Sarah Marie Lacyas she pivoted her career from running a painting school to making a living as a portrait painter.

At that time, she was asking $3000, and struggled to believe that anyone would pay more for her work, despite her fifteen years of experience as a professional artist (and her stunning work!)

She needed to get clear on her pricing, and she needed get her work in front of a brand new audience that wouldn't blink an eye at spending 5-figures on a portrait commission.

That was in 2021. Just a few months after committing to a relationship-marketing plan, Sarah started seeing major changes in her business.

Now, Sarah has a six-month waiting list and her prices start at $10,000. She’s joined Ottawa’s most exclusive club, where she’s regularly rubbing elbows with female CEOs (her ideal audience) and even governors and ambassadors.

Even better, her outlook on the value of her work has completely changed:

“I'm allowed to succeed. I'm allowed to live comfortably. I'm feeling less and less apologetic about my prices, and more and more able to say they start at $10,000. That's the ticket to entry because I work extremely hard at this. I'm very good at what I do. I have $90,000 art education. I've worked really hard to get here. I've logged those hours. My work is worth what I'm charging.”

On this episode, Sarah takes me step-by-step through the networking plan that increased her portrait income by 250% in one year, and she reveals what actually happens when you raise your prices and stop undervaluing your work.

Ready to hear more?

Listen to the full episode, and check out the transcript here.​

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